Hot stuff at the Virreyes

Burlesque has come to Mexico City. Burlesque of the postmodern, ironic, nudge-nudge variety, made popular in certain venues in New York and San Francisco.


Here was a rendition of Miss Liberty from last Saturday night’s show in the lobby of the Hotel Virreyes.


Here is what she had on under the tunic.


The number pictured above seemed clearly inspired by a Sergio Leone movie.

While this one below seemed to be a 21st century take on the scene from Blonde Venus in which Marlene Dietrich showed up in a gorilla suit. The Teutonic star was probably turning in her grave.


The show was great fun, and the Virreyes – Mexico City’s closest cousin to the Chelsea Hotel, with 1950s furniture and would-be artists who rent rooms by the month – the perfect venue. It's in the centro histórico, on the corner of Izazaga and the Eje Central Lázaro Cárdenas. Next Saturday, the 20th, there will be a different show. If you get there by 9 p.m., you’ll likely score the best seats in the house.