More sign language


For those who don't understand Spanish, the sign in this photo, outside a small grocery store in Coyoacán, offers kosher ice cubes for sale. This is notable for a couple of reasons. Coyoacán is a section of the city with hardly any Jewish population, so why kosher ice cubes would be a big draw is anyone's guess. Also, I was pretty sure that all drinking water is kosher, so there would be no such thing as "non-kosher" ice cubes. Just to make sure, I asked some Jewish friends who are more observant than I, and the very idea of kosher ice cubes provoked yells of laughter. Still, perhaps hedging their bets, they suggested I ask a rabbi. I didn't go that far, but I checked the web site According to which, "Water is kosher -- as long as it's just plain pure water and hasn't been boiled in something used for cooking non-kosher foods or used for sacramental purposes in some non-Jewish rite."