More mannequins

Mannequins are an integral part of the cityscape here. I have posted about them before.

Actually, I have posted about them several times. I'm not exactly sure why they are so fascinating to me. But I was transfixed outside this mannequin store in the San Rafael neighborhood the other day.

You might even say they are as vivid -- or more vivid -- than the people who live here. Some of the people, anyway.

This is from the window display at Uniformes Oskar around the Day of the Dead.

I have posted about mannequins so often that, last week, I was sent an email by a person who identified himself as Yoyo, from the Top-Eagle International Trade Co., Ltd., in Xiamen, China. He said it was great to know that I was "on" the mannequins business, and wanted to let me know about his product line. Click here for a link to his website.

The mannequins in the Liverpool department store are as delightfully perverse as ever.

You've got to love the hand gestures. I'd like to meet whoever's in charge of the mannequin department over there.