Hail to the warrior

This monument to Giuseppe Garibaldi, by a sculptor named Brooke Wright, was unveiled on April 10th, 1864, on Avenida Chapultepec. Although Garibaldi was most well known for being an irregular in the Risorgimento, the movement that united the various states of Italy, he was in fact widely admired in Latin America. During a fourteen-year exile he fought in two wars in South America. The statue is a block from Avenida Cuauhtémoc, next to a down-market shopping center, in an area where stores sell gargantuan refrigerators and other restaurant equipment. The Plaza Garibaldi, where squadrons of mariachis trawl, looking for customers interested in paying them for a melody, is not named after Giuseppe, but for his son, Giuseppe Jr., who fought with Pancho Villa in the Revolution. I'll post about the Plaza at a later date.