This is one of those "just for the record" posts. I am asked pretty frequently about the availability of my books. For those of you who find it convenient to make purchases online, you can get all of my work on Amazon. And for those of you who live in, or are passing through, México D.F., you can find both First Stop in the New World and Las llaves de la ciudad at the branch of El Péndulo in the Colonia Condesa at Avenida Nuevo León 115, at the corner of Calle Vicente Suárez. They are there thanks to the astute, charming and handsome manager, Francisco Goñi, pictured above. He is there almost every afternoon, and feel free to tell him that I sent you. If you go to buy them, and they are out of supply, Francisco can order them for you and have them in the store within days. If they are out of my books, please tell him that I gave you permission to hit him over the head with a small stick.