Party time

The New Orleans Saints go to the Super Bowl next Sunday. This is a first in the team's history, and for all we know, may be the last. But Mardi Gras comes every year, as attested by the Krewe de Vieux parade (one of the first of the season) a few nights ago. This particular parade is noted for political satire, this year directed at Mayor Ray Nagin, whose absence of leadership during and after Hurricane Katrina has been bitterly noted by nearly all citizens of the city. He will not be mayor much longer. Primary voting for the next election is scheduled for February 6, with a runoff, if necessary, set for early March. No one seems unhappy to see Nagin leave; indeed, he is cheerfully being referred to these days as "Na-gone."


The float in this photo depicts Nagin with the legend "Such a Blight." This is a play on words of a song title of one of New Orleans' own Dr. John's greatest hits, "Such a Night." Note the bottle in the tuba player's pocket.


This float shows Nagin in "City Hell" rather than City Hall. To judge by the beers in the revelers' hands, drinking is as much of a theme for the Krewe de Vieux as arch political commentary.


Some of the marchers had less subtle scorn to heap on Nagin (as well as Mitch Landrieu, his likely successor).


A couple of cool kitties.