Mickey Rourke, move over

On July 1, Alberto and Alejandro Jiménez, better known as "La Parkita" and "Espectro Junior," their monikers as professional wrestlers, were found murdered in room 52 of the Hotel Moderno, around the corner from the Arena Coliseo, where they had each fought countless times. They had rented the room, accompanied by two prostitutes, who left later that day without the Jiménez boys. Hotel management was suspicious, knocked on the door several times, and as there was no answer, went inside and found the cadavers.

Unfinished alcoholic drinks were found in the room, and police sources suspect that the girls put eye drops in the Jiménez boys' cocktails. This would have been with the intention of knocking them out to rob them, but eye drops can be deadly. In 2007 a band of women known as Las Goteras -- the Droplets -- was arrested for the murder of various men with this modus operandi.

Here is a link to the coverage of the Jiménez murders in Ovaciones, Mexico's premier sports newspaper. For those who cannot read Spanish, here is a version from that most esteemed of British tabloids, The Sun.

The wrestlers were twin brothers. They also happened to be midgets.