Swine flu on You Tube


My friend Dyana Pari Nafisi has been making a series of videos on You tube since the beginning of the swine flu outbreak. You can click here to see them or subscribe, or click here to go directly to the ones in which she interviewed me.

Also: My friend Patrice Wynne sent along the following quote from Laurie Garrett, senior fellow for global health at the Council on Foreign Relations:

"I think the whole world should be saying, 'Gracias, amigos,' to the Mexicans for the tremendous sacrifice they have made. They may have stopped what would otherwise have been a serious pandemic."

Also: My friend Tapen Sinha, and his coauthor Bradly Condon, wrote a paper called "Chronicle of a Pandemic Foretold: Lessons from the 2009 Influenza Epidemic." Click here to download it.