The other World Trade Center



Longtime readers of this blog know that I sometimes visit a tarot card reader named Carmen María Oca. I have been living in the same apartment for nearly five years, but Carmen María  says that I will not be here much longer. (Actually, she has been saying that practically since I moved in.) Just in case I end up moving, I thought I’d write a post about the neighborhood’s most conspicuous monument. See that monolith looming in the near distance? That’s the World Trade Center. Should any terrorists get it into their heads to blow up something in Mexico City, they won’t have to look much farther.




On the ground floor on one side of the building is the entrance to a space where trade fairs are held. On the other side, you’ve got this café, hideously expensive but very pleasant in balmy weather.




Inside, on most of the forty-something floors, there are offices. They make you register at this desk and leave an I.D. if you have an appointment.




On the first few floors of the building all sorts of products and services are offered.




But if I indeed move what I will miss the most is having this 15-screen multiplex in walking distance from my apartment.





(I just saw The Wrestler. I know I’m merely getting on the bandwagon here, but I’d forgotten how awesome an actor Mickey Rourke is.)




Here’s Carmen María, one of the brightest stars of my Mexico City constellation. If anyone wants a tarot reading, write her at