Life as a lucha


Photo courtesy of El Museo de la Ciudad de México


Even if you are not a huge aficionado of wrestling, you will probably enjoy the exhibition which is in El Museo de la Ciudad de México on Calle Pino Suárez in the Centro Histórico until the 11th of January next year. It tells the 75-year history of the World Wrestling Council in Mexico, through photographs, movie clips, masks, magazine pages, interviews, signs, programs and so forth. There are also current artist’s renderings that highlight lucha libre iconography. My favorite part of the exhibition was finding out some of the names of Mexico’s most prominent wrestlers, such as The Communist from Pachuca, the Nazi Destroyer, Hurricane Ramírez and Cyclone Mackey.






Meanwhile, I was walking down Calle Salvador the other day and spotted this fellow, apparently dressed for work (although what sort of employment he may have remains a mystery). I asked if he would let me take his picture, and he obliged, but preferred not to answer any questions.