Did you ever see an elephant fly?


Some readers may remember the most memorable line from the film Dumbo. While we are on the subject of elephants, let’s have a moment of silence for Indra, 40 years old, five tons in her stocking feet, who broke free from her feeding at the Circo Unión in the wee hours last Monday night. The circus was in Ecatepec, near the Teotihuacán pyramids just outside of Mexico City, and poor Indra stumbled onto the traffic of the Mexico-Tulancingo highway, where she was hit by a bus. Witnesses say that the crash was inevitable – who expects to suddenly encounter an elephant while hurtling along the highway? The driver, Tomás López Durán, 49, also died a few minutes after the crash. But not until he managed to stop the bus in the mud beside the highway, thus saving all 41 passengers.