Taste of Polanco


A former colleague, Jimena Gil, teamed up with with a friend of hers to begin Mexican Food Tours, a company which offers walking tours in the Polanco neighborhood. The tours include not only history and folklore, but samples from six different places to eat.


Because I mostly associate Polanco with high-end restaurants, I wasn't sure how well it would lend itself to such a tour. In Polanco there is far less street food as in other areas of the city. Instead, Jimena takes people to restaurants, such as Barro Negro, where three different kinds of mole are sampled.


At La Surtidora, you can try a taco villamelón, and at Karisma, you get a bowl of goat cheese and black bean soup. Pulque and mezcal are also sampled. Even with two desserts, at the end of the tour I felt richly satisfied rather than grossly overstuffed. Plus enlightened by some of the facts about the area that were previously unknown to me.

Click for a link to their website for more information.