A humid institution

Baños 1

If you find yourself stressed by the pressures of navigating one of the most populous cities on earth, you can do what a lot of chilangos do: take a steam bath. There are many bathhouses in the city, but my favorite is Baños Señorial in the centro histórico, on Isabel la Católica #92, between Izazaga and Mesones. If  your thing is a communal steam room, they have those, but I go for the private ones. Their most deluxe version -- the turco privado -- costs about 135 pesos per person (couples tend to come here to, um, unwind together).

Baños 3

This is the changing room where you get undressed and can chill out if the steam gets too hot. Note the TV above the dresser, for those who can't do without it.

Baños 4

This is the shower room, where you can rinse off your perspiration and lie down on that table. I tried to take a picture of the actual steam room, but of course the steam clogged up the lens on my camera.

Baños 2

You've got to love their logo.