Books on both sides of the border


If you are in Mexico City on Thursday night, August 23rd, at 7 pm, you might want to come to hear J.M. Servin, a Mexican who has written about the United States, and I converse on the theme of Mexico y Estados Unidos, un territorio literario. Servin says that his idea is that we "talk like friends who are more proud of what we have lived and what we have drank that what we have read." The event will be moderated by the estimable Philippe Ollé Laprune and will be held at Casa Refugio Citlaltétepetl, on Calle Citlaltépetl #25 in the Colonia Hipódromo Condesa -- a stone's throw from the Plaza Citlaltépetl. (I promise that is the first and last time I will ever use the word "Citlaltépetl" three times in the same sentence.) If the event is not tempting enough in itself, there will be free mezcal served after.