Name that truck

Mexicans who drive trucks -- particularly garbage trucks and moving vans -- tend not to believe in anonymity. Windshields are more important for establishing identity than as tools for wending through traffic. If this truck is named La Negrita, Edición Especial, can we assume there is a more ordinary edition of La Negrita out there?

Black Diamond, Negrita Especial -- anyone notice a theme?

Move over Egyptian pharoahs, Chinese emperors, the Bonapartes, the Tudors, the Rothschilds, the Romanoffs, and even the Ewings of Dallas. Here come Los Ramirez. This vehicle apparently belongs to Joseph, the prince consort and heir apparent of the dinastía.

What can we say about the Ramírez dynasty's political leanings? Their garbage trucks bear the emblem of the Mexico City government, in the delegación Cuauhtémoc.

Am I the only one uncomfortable with this other legend?