Sunday in the park with Jorge ... and Pedro and Pablo and María and Carmen and ...

Many neighborhoods in Mexico City are surprisingly quiet, even small-town in feeling. There are few places where you really get the idea that you are in a metropolis where more than 20 million people live. One of those places, reliably, is Sunday afternoon in Chapultepec Park, where you might believe everyone in town has showed up.

Chapultepec is full of treats that are so modestly-priced that nearly any father, or boyfriend, can be a hero for the day to his children or girlfriend.

Twenty pesos for two photos in a keychain.

Fifteen pesos for a sweetheart pillow.

I didn't check how much it cost to get your face painted or to shake hands with Spidey ... and with his pal Spidey. Could be traumatic for the kids who thought there was only one.

You got to love those disgusting fake teeth. Well, maybe you don't. My ex-wife never thought it was funny when I would walk through the door wearing them.

Eat enough cotton candy and you won't even need disgusting fake teeth.

If you have a few more pesos to spend you can rent one of these babies and paddle along the lake.

I always thought Mussolini would have admired this monument. Chapultepec Park really is lovely and is not nearly so crowded during the week. Even on Sundays, if you escape the beaten path, you can find spots that are much more pastoral than these photos would indicate.