Loopy for Guadalupe

The Virgin of Guadalupe is not only Mexico's patron saint, but was declared "Patron of the Americas" by Pope John Paul II in 1999. On her feast day, December 12, she attracts about seven million worshipers from around the world at her shrine in the north of city. On any given day a few of the most devout make their way inside on their knees, like the couple above.

On a daily basis, there are between two and eight peregrinations to the Basílica de Guadalupe. In most cases special masses -- which cost between $120 and $400, depending on how many singers and organists are involved -- are given in the names of the pilgrims. On a recent month, the list of peregrinos included bicyclists from the town of San Isidro el Tanque, employees of the Le-Roy Laboratories, a group of podiatrists with the last name Hernández, and the inhabitants of the Cristantemo 13 Housing Project.

This believer had to take a cell phone call in the middle of Mass the other day. You got to hand it to her for wearing pants that tight to church