These ads on the metro caught my eye. The one on the left promises that if you study at the Aspic Gastronomic Institute, you can become a chef in twelve months, a pastry chef and chocolatier in eighteen, or either an "international" or "universal" chef in twenty-four. I'd love to know which planets the "universal" course encompasses that the "international" does not.

Meanwhile, Profem, on the right, appears to offer legal abortions. The woman on the left-hand side of the ad is hugging a pillow while contemplating the results of her pregnancy test. with an expression of extreme consternation. I could not figure out the figure on the right. At first, I thought it was the same woman, perhaps relaxing in bed after having decided to abort. She appears to have shaven her head. Is that part of the treatment? Then it occurred to me that it is probably her cad of a bald-headed boyfriend. Maybe she should keep the baby and get rid of him.