Fashion, etc.

durango-018.JPG Are these boots made for walking, or what?


When I saw the sweater with the legend "morally bankrupt," for some reason I thought of an ex-girlfriend. Unfortunately, they weren't selling the garment in her size. Although these photos were taken in a small town in the northern state of Durango, the sweater with the English-language legend marks a popular trend in Mexico City. Years ago it was a form of status to wear a T shirt emblazoned with the logo of John Deere, the Dallas Cowboys or UCLA. Lately, however, those garments became old hat, and today it is common to see people wearing shirts with more rococo sayings, like "My therapist says it's all your fault," "Born free but now I'm really expensive" or "From zero to nasty in 7.5 seconds." I've often wondered if the people who wear them know what they mean.


For those who don't speak Spanish, the sign says, "fresh chicken, recently sacrificed." You think they go for Satanic rituals before Sunday dinner in Durango?