Sweet summertime


This post encompasses my geographical axis of Mexico City, New York and New Orleans. Along with her partners, Nathalie Jordi, pictured above, began a business selling Mexican-style paletas -- frozen popsicles -- at the gourmet Chelsea Market in New York. They are the perfect antidote to the stifling humid weather that plagues New York in the summer. However, unlike Mexico, where they cost less than a dollar a piece, Nathalie's cost $3.50. (She uses only natural, locally grown fruits, organic cream and other high-end products. And let's not forget that Chelsea is the home of some of the most frighteningly expensive real estate in the world, including the market where she rents.) If you want to find out more about her paleta business, click here. If you want to sample her paletas, try to get there before August 15. Nathalie was accepted for the MBA program at Tulane University in New Orleans, the city where her heart is. Who knows who'll be selling them after that?