In the New York Times review of my book about Mexico City, First Stop in the New World, Richard B. Woodward wrote, “To test the quality of a travel book, it helps to ask: Would you like to share a meal or a drink with the writer? On the evidence of his book, which reveals him to be an expansive soul with big eyes and an even bigger heart, Mr. Lida should expect calls from a lot of newly arrived strangers, including me.”

How would you like to have that meal or that drink with me? Better yet, how would you like to take a tour of the city with me as your guide? If you give me some idea of what you’d like to see in Mexico City, I can custom-design a tour for you. Or perhaps you’d like to take one of the following tours (or we could work out a combination, with elements of different ones). Click here or call (901) 832-0415 for more information.

La Condesa and La Roma

Mexico City’s hippest neighborhoods are gentrifying quickly. Sometimes you hear more English (or French) on the streets than Spanish. Yet if you know where to go, there are still old-fashioned bastions here. Let's explore the war between the trendy and the traditional.

Secrets of the Centro Histórico

I'll show you the most famous sights in the city's most dynamic neighborhood -- the Zócalo, Bellas Artes and the Plaza Santo Domingo -- but I'll also take you to a museum of cakes, a sexually ambiguous monument to bullfighters, and to the biggest bag of cheese doodles you will ever see in your life.

Markets and street food

Come with me to taste some of the most delicious — and reliable — food in the city, at street stalls, holes-in-the-wall and markets. I can combine it with a visit to a crafts market, where you’ll have an opportunity to buy souvenirs.



Mexico City cantinas have as much personality as London pubs, Paris cafés or New York bars. Best of all, at lunchtime most of them serve botanas — delicious food at no extra charge (as long as you keep drinking). Depending on how much you’re willing to drink at lunch, I’ll take you on a tour of two or three (or more) of the city’s most time-honored cantinas.


Choose Your Adventure

If you prefer a custom-designed tour, get in touch and I'll put it together for you. Click here to contact me about a custom tour.

Mexican Muralism

Mexico’s greatest contribution to twentieth-century art was the muralist movement. On this tour you’ll see work by its three most famous exponents, Diego Rivera, Jose Clemente Orozco and David Alfaro Siqueiros (as well as some lesser-known artists). Their stories, their rivalries, their contradictions, and their distinct techniques are highlighted.

A Day in Coyoacan David Lida Tours

Coyoacán and San Ángel

Cobblestoned streets, colonial architecture, sprawling markets and margaritas in a former hacienda — going to Coyoacán and San Ángel is a little like traveling through a time tunnel. Tour can include visits to Frida Kahlo’s house, the house where Leon Trotsky lived during his Mexican exile, and the Studio Museum of Frida and Diego.


“Smart, knowledgable, and fun to hang out with… David was one of the highlights of our first trip to Mexico City.”

— Lorin, Boulder, CO

“A highly personalized tour from an expert. He covered art, architecture, history, food, culture, and what's it's like to live in Mexico City.”

— Howard, Los Angeles, CA

“David is relaxed, thoughtful, and gracious to his customers. He is similarly engaging with the locals, who, when reacting in similar grace, help you melt into the city.”

– Jim, San Francisco, CA